Welcome to Ultrasound

SIUH has an active emergency ultrasound program.  We currently have 2 GE Venue machines, 3 Zonare Ultra SP machines, fully equipped with a variety of ultrasound probes. We also have 2 Sonosite EDGE machines with 6 ultrasound probes. Image storage and review is done through QPATH-E

There are courses held throughout the year for the attending, PA, and staff to further develop their ultrasound skills and training.  Of the many applications available, our department routinely uses ultrasound for peripheral and central line access, cardiac ultrasound, AAA, FAST, focused gallbladder evaluation, lung, ocular, and many other applications.

During their orientation month, the EM residents are given a one day course focusing on the basics of ultrasound by getting didactic lectures and hands on experience with the machines.  The residents are encouraged to scan all throughout their residency experience.  The residency curriculum integrates two 2-week blocks in the first and second years for a dedicated ultrasound rotation.  The rotation includes weekly tape review, monthly journal club with other NYC area residency ultrasound departments, opportunities to be involved in ultrasound research, an ultrasound blog and extensive bedside teaching of ultrasound skills.

We expect our graduating residents to be fully competent in their emergency ultrasound skills and comfortable in incorporating ultrasound in the their daily patient management and teaching others.  Residents are also expected to participate in several ongoing emergency ultrasound research projects during their rotation and have opportunities to be involved in ultrasound projects around New York City or internationally.

Josh Greenstein, MD