Welcome to Toxicology

The Department of Emergency Medicine at SIUH, division of Medical Toxicology, will guide care towards patients presenting with toxicology related complaints such as acute and chronic poisoning, withdrawal, medication errors and safety.  Dr. Majlesi and Dr. Kessler have launched a 24/7 medical toxicology service covering both the North and South sites.  Currently, there is a collaboration with the Staten Island Zoo making us a regional snake bite center.  The goal of this division will be to one day be a referral center for all toxicology based complaints and conditions.

The division of medical toxicology will provide residents with a broad exposure to all aspects of medical toxicology in order to sufficiently prepare them for successful completion of the emergency medicine board exam and care of the poisoned patient.  We also will provide guidance for residents who desire to pursue careers in medical toxicology.  Residents will be encouraged to take an active role in toxicology related research projects within the department.


Nima Majlesi, DO
Director, Division of Toxicology