Welcome to the Simulation Lab

The use of simulation in our EM residency curriculum plays a significant role in our education.  SIUH uses simulation to train emergency medicine residents and students and other healthcare providers via a safe training modality. The Department of Emergency Medicine operates our simulation center equipped with:

Sim Man
  • High-fidelity Laerdal SimMan 3G

  • Sim Junior

  • Noel (for birthing)

  • SimNewB

  • Simulab's Central Line Man and Trauma Man

  • Task trainers

  • Diagnostic/monitoring equipment


Our simulation center utilizes the newest technology to foster learning in a safe environment.  Residents in emergency medicine learn early on that decisions are paramount in our daily experiences with patients.  Simulation provides a learner with a nearly realistic real time environment to practice complex cases, an experience that no textbook can provide.  The SIUH sim center educators are able to tailor cases to maximize learning for all involved.  We can create the same case that a resident saw the day before and provide real time feedback for the learner.  Every aspect of the environment is customizable allowing complete freedom to focus on any detail of a patient's unique presentation.  Critical thinking is truly allowed to thrive in a safe/comfortable environment without compromising patient safety.  Current procedures that we have access to in our simulation center include:

  • Airway Management Trainer

  • Airway Management Trainer –Infant

  • Bone Injection Trainer Pediatric

  • Branched 4-Vessel Ultrasound Training Block Model

  • Central line Man

  • Ear Examination Simulator

  • Ectopic Pregnancy Transvaginal Ultrasound Training Model

  • Eye Examination Simulator

  • E.Z. IO Trainer

  • FAST Trauma Real-Time Ultrasound Training Model

  • Intravenous Arm Simulator

  • Lumbar Puncture Simulator

  • Male & Female Catheterization Simulator

  • Mr. Hurt- Head Trauma Simulator

  • Neonatal Intubation Trainer

  • Nickie® Medical Training Doll

  • Nita Newborn vascular access

  • Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Simulator

  • Pumping Arterial Head Neck Training Model

  • Pediatric Bone Injection Gun Trauma Man


Rodrigo Kong, MD
Director of ED Simulation