Residency Information

Background on SIUH

Founded in 1861, SIUH today is a member of Northwell Health and enjoys numerous academic and clinical affiliations and accreditations.  The SIUH Emergency Department is committed to providing the Staten Island community with fast and quality emergency care.  SIUH has two 911-receiving Emergency Departments staffed by healthcare workers specifically trained in emergency care.  The North site is a designated Adult and Pediatric Level I Trauma Center, Stroke Center , Cardiac Catheterization Center, Snake Bite Envenomation Center and Regional Burn Center.  The South site offers the feel of a "suburban" ED.

Our program has full accreditation and our next site visit will be 2023.

A Progressive Curriculum

At SIUH, EM resident responsibility is progressively increased over the three years of training and is commensurate with the resident's level and ability, patient care needs, and the needs of the ED.

The EM-1 year is one of introduction to the essentials of emergency medicine, with the goal of attaining a basic comfort level with emergency patients.  The year begins with a 4-week orientation block, during which the residents will be exposed to the basics of EM in both didactic and clinical settings.  The remainder of the year is comprised of clinical rotations that will build the foundation for clinical decision making and graduated autonomy in the ED.

The EM-2 year is one of transition.  Critical care and pediatrics are emphasized, with the resident beginning to develop a sense of independence within the ED.  Efficiency is expected, but speed is not emphasized over detailed and thorough care.

The EM-3 year is devoted to preparing for the role of attending physician.  The EM-3 will function as a pre-attending.  Residents will spend the majority of the year in the ED, rotating through different areas of the department (North site, South site, Pediatrics) within each block.  During this year, the EM-3 will supervise junior residents, assign cases, and monitor flow through the department.  Senior residents will also have the opportunity to do multiple electives during this year.  We offer several international electives for interested residents.


Scheduled conferences take place every Wednesday from 7am-12pm.  Residents' time is protected from Tuesday evening through Wednesday afternoon to ensure the greatest educational exposure.  The SIUH Emergency Medicine faculty, residents, and other invited guest speakers give lectures and conferences.

The following are a few examples of our ongoing lecture series:

Core Conference Series

  • Weekly didactic lectures that cover the entire EM curriculum twice over the three years of residency
  • Lectures given by senior residents and faculty to ensure the highest quality of didactic experience
  • Rosh Review and other written and oral Board Preparation provided

Journal Club

  • Core attending faculty select articles on a monthly basis to appraise and review
  • Studies may be from the most recent literature or landmark articles in Emergency Medicine

Morbidity & Mortality Review

  • Monthly review presented by a senior resident and the director of Performance Improvement
  • Conference culminates with the "Save of the Month," a teaching case that we can all be proud of 

Pediatric Case of the Month

  • Monthly opportunity for the pediatric section to present an interesting case seen in our Pediatric ED
  • Diagnosis and treatment, along with any pertinent literature review, is presented and discussed


  • Simulation sessions occur every other month during conference
  • Opportunity for all residents to train in simulation development and implementation, a practice on the forefront of EM education

Interdisciplinary Conference 

  • Monthly series with other departments (radiology, trauma, medicine) which fosters collaborative discussion and learning
  • All cases will be presented by a representative of each department and examined from both an "EM" and "subspecialty" perspective

Morning Report

During the ED blocks we also have morning report 4 days a week in which we deliver digestible nuggets of knowledge in bite size doses.  A resident is assigned to each day when the monthly schedule is made and they prepare a short talk.  There is always faculty present to help facilitate the discussion.

    Online Education

      We are working hard to incorporate an increasing amount of Internet-based solutions into our residents' educations.  We are very excited to announce that all of our conferences are recorded and are available online for the residents and staff.

      For those who enjoy listening to podcasts, our lectures are available to listen online and download.


      PGY1 Salary: $70,000

      Annual Meal Allowance: $1,000

      Textbook allowance: $200

      Benefits include:

      • Free iPAD for every incoming resident
      • Four weeks paid vacation
      • Excellent Flexible Benefits coverage, including hospitalization, medical, dental, and vision for the resident and any dependents via bi-weekly pre-tax deductions
      • Monogrammed scrubs and on-site laundry service
      • On-campus parking
      • Memberships to ACEP, EMRA, & SAEM
      • Subscriptions to Annals of Emergency Medicine & Academic Emergency Medicine
      • Attendance at academic meetings when presenting