Headache and Hypoxia

15 year old male with no past medical history brought in by EMS after being found unresponsive at home by his father. His mother reports that he had called her at work prior to his father coming home and was complaining of a headache.His parents deny any previous history of drug or alcohol use.They also deny any use of medications by anyone in the household. Initial vital signs were: BP 106/64 RR 16 HR 68 O2 98% on NRB and Temp of 98.4 F.Physical exam reveals a well developed well nourished adolescent male, obtunded with a GCS of 6, but no obvious signs of trauma.His initial ABG revealed: H pH 7.3, PaCO2 31.8, PaO2 40.9 mmHg, HCO3 16, SaO2 72%, and SBE -8.5.What does this patient have?
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