October is Diversity & Health Equity Month @ Northwell!

October marks Northwell’s annual Diversity & Health Equity month. Throughout this month, Northwell has made a commitment to raising awareness of the importance of fostering an environment in which promoting diversity amongst its staff and faculty is paramount in advancing its mission. Everyday this month, Northwell has put together at least 1 to 2 events to promote faculty development in specific topics related to health equity in a diverse climate. I had the ability to attend one of these event this past week entitled “Diverse Connections: Professional Development Series” where I was able to engage with some leaders within the Northwell network and learn about their diverse backgrounds and career progressions. It was enlightening to know that Northwell is committed towards promoting staff and faculty that reflect the diverse communities in which it resides.

Below are some of the takeaway points from the panel discussion that I thought worthy to highlight:

  1. A truly successful business, any business, needs to understand the importance of having a diverse staff and leadership so as to reflect the population it is working within

  2. Mentors/Sponsors may play a profoundly important role in changing the course of your career. Find someone you would like to emulate in your future career and ask to meet and talk. You will rarely find someone who will refuse to do so.

  3. Keep learning! All the years of schooling we’ve been through may seem like enough but we will never grow if we don’t continue to challenge ourselves and learn.

  4. Work/Life Balance does not exist! Think of it more of a Work/Life Integration and you will (hopefully) feel less guilty when missing the next family wedding.

Below is a calendar of the events scheduled for October. Take some time out to attend one!