"New" Ultrasound Application for First Trimester Pregnancy

We in the ultrasound division recently came across a "new" technique for looking for first trimester pregnancies using a linear transducer in a transabdominal approach. This technique was also discussed by Dr.Brown in a recent conference lecture. In summary, a recent journal article highlighted that in patients where it was difficult to visualize a yolk sac using the curvilinear probe transabdominally, they were able to locate a yolk sac within a gestational sac transabdominally using a high frequency linear transducer probe. In fact, up to one-third of patients had a visible yolk sac using  the linear probe where the curvilinear probe failed! Now, our experience with this at SIUH has been varied and less successful. However, this may be a worthwhile technique to have in your back pocket to try out before sending your patients for a radiology performed ultrasound and/or before performing a transvaginal ultrasound using the endocavitary probe. We have included a link to a recent 5minutesono podcast that discusses the article and the technique. Happy scanning!