Greetings SIUH! For our Fall edition of WIM, we would like to highlight one of the newest web resources available to women in medicine - FemInEM: Females Working in Emergency Medicine.

Founded by Editors-in-Chief Dr. Dara Kass and Dr. Jenny Beck-Esmay, with contributions from various Section Editors including Dr. Nicole Berwald, FemInEM describes themselves as a group of like-minded women practicing emergency medicine in academia, communities, and beyond. Their website, FemInEM.org, is dedicated to the discussion of topics specific to females working in Emergency Medicine. The website is organized into five sections: WORK, LIVE, LEAD, GROW, TALK.

WORK focuses on how women do their jobs as FemInEMs. This section discusses gender dynamics in the emergency department, communication challenges, and effective strategies to be successful in the workplace.

LIVE focuses on work-life balance and wellness for FemInEMs. This section addresses issues related to family, friends, and the myriad of other things balanced by women physicians.

LEAD focuses on various leaderships styles and issues surrounding FemInEMs. This section discusses how to get involved with local and national medical organizations, negotiate with your employer, and develop as leaders in this field.

GROW focuses on professional growth for FemInEMs. This section highlights different career paths, obstacles facing promotion, and ways to build a network of mentors and mentees.

TALK is the most loosely structured section of FemInEM. This section explores non-typical topics and interviews physicians (both within and outside emergency medicine) who are doing fascinating things with their careers.

Finally, here is a message from the FemInEM group:

"Working in any ED has its challenges and we know our individual journeys are unique—however, as a community we will have both a voice and some sanity.  Balancing families, friends, careers and wellness is hard, however, with collaboration and support, we will all survive…and thrive!"

Please check out the website here, and sign up to receive periodic Digests highlighting the latest news for FemInEMs!