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SIUH has been an active member of the NYC EMS community since the early 20th century.  We have five 24-hour ambulances providing prehospital care voluntarily in the NYC 911 system, 3 BLS and 2 ALS. We have EMS physicians that are both fellowship and non-fellowship trained. 

Our North site campus remains a cornerstone of the NYC 911 EMS system as specialty care facility for various emergencies:

  • Trauma


  • Burn

  • Pediatrics

  • Therapeutic Hypothermia

  • Venomous Bite

The South campus, in turn, provides Online Medical Control to local units in the field. 

Participation with the various roles in EMS is encouraged for residents during their education at SIUH, including crew ride-alongs, research, delivery of Online Medical Control, providing Online CME, and case reviews.  Geographically, Staten Island is an ideal place to get involved in EMS as its isolation provides improved follow-up of patients after disposition to the hospital.  It is our goal to hopefully one day host an EMS Fellowship at our campuses.

Incident Command Training

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness is a vital part of any EM residency. Both EMS Physicians sit on the internal committees and are integral in the hospital's drills.  The residency program also participates in tabletop exercises simulating Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) activations.  There is a commitment to education, training, drills, surveillance, and usage of special equipment.  It is through these efforts that SIUH has been able to maintain the ability to provide excellent emergency care despite any number of crises that may arise.  

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