Certificate in Global Health

Directed by: Eric Cioe, MD MPH
Goal: The Certificate in Global Health is designed for Emergency Medicine residents
entering their 2nd year of residency who wish to explore a career that involves a focus on
Global Health. The Global Health Certificate is designed to focus residents extracurricular
work portfolios to include a significant amount of content in Global Health and
International Emergency Medicine. Content of the work portfolio of a resident who
graduates with a Certificate in Global Health should be demonstrative of education and/or
experience in international medicine, public health, and/or grant-seeking.

Enrollment: Any Emergency Medicine Resident at SIUH can participate. Residents
should declare their desire to participate no later than September 1st of their PGY2 year.
(For 2015, this deadline is September 30th)

Learning Objectives
Goals and objectives for a Global Health Certificate include:
- To recognize, evaluate, and care for large numbers of ill adult and pediatric
patients in foreign, international clinical setting (PC, MK).
- To learn about, recognize, evaluate and care specifically for patients with disease
processes common to the international populations, as well as
- To become familiar with stakeholders, interdepartmental dynamics and treatment
algorithms specific to international/developing country healthcare settings (PC,

- To demonstrate cultural competency and effective communication with local
healthcare workers and patient populations when deployed internationally (PC,

- To demonstrate understanding of ethical principals involved with providing care
in a resource-limited setting. (PC, ICS, P).
- Effective use of and contribution to informational resources, scientific studies and
technology to enhance patient care and pursue self-improvement and selfeducation

AGCME CORE COMPETENCY KEY: PC – Patient Care; MK – Medical Knowledge; PBL
Practice-Based Learning; ICS –Interpersonal & Communication Skills; P – Professionalism; SBP
System-Based Practice.

Resident Portfolio Overview
Work Portfolios should demonstrate an interest in Global Health and may include but is
not limited to:

  •  Regular Participation in Global Health Journal Club
  • Grants or Proposals written
  • Experiences/projects abroad
  • Lectures given to residents/students/other learners
  • Courses/workshops taken
  •  Courses/workshops led
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Evaluations by learners and preceptors of all of the above activities

Scope of Topics Relevant to Global Health Certificate:

  • International medical practice
    • Humanitarian assistance – short- and long-term
    • Medical missions
    • Policy
    • Systems development
    • Education
  • International emergency medicine
    •  Development of EM as a specialty
    • Prehospital systems development
    • Emergency systems development
  • Public health
    • Patient education
    • Community engagement
    • Disease/Injury prevention
    • Disaster preparedness and response
  • Fundraising
    • Funding sources
    • How to use Foundation Center Online and in NYC
    • Resources for grant seeking
    • Budget writing
    • Grant writing
  • International Project Development
    • Creating/developing an idea
    • Needs assessment
    • Identifying stakeholders
    • Identifying funding source
    • Project planning
    • Proposal writing

Specific Requirements PGY2 Year

  • Attend 2-3 seminars in Grantwriting/Proposal Writing
  • Attend Global Health Journal Club regularly
  • Attend 1 outside public health/international medical practice or fundraising activity
  •  Participate in 1 scholarly project in the public health or international setting during research elective.
  • Develop a project idea (N/A if on SIUH established project)
    •  Write a proposal
    • Search for funding
    • Apply for funding through chosen mechanism
    • Intervention/implementation timeline

Specific Requirements PGY3 Year

  • Get approval for and participate in one elective Global Health Project involving deployment to an international clinical or public health setting.
  • Attend 1 outside public health/international medical practice or fundraising activity
  • Mentor PGY2 Global Health Certificate Resident
  • Mentor visiting international observer residents and/or students
  • Give 1 lecture on international medicine/public health topic in resident or other recognized conference.
  • Write 1 scholarly article of “publishable quality” within Global Health Scope of topics.