Administration Fellowship

A candidate for this novel training program would be a physician who has completed a 3- or 4-year residency in Emergency Medicine and has shown an interest and potential in leadership and management during their training.  During the fellowship, the physician would work clinically in the ED, receive Six Sigma training, and apprentice with a senior physician administrator in the department.

Six Sigma

The centerpiece to this 2-year fellowship would be admission to and the completion of an Executive MBA in Management at Wagner College.

A successful fellow in our program will gain particular knowledge and experience in all facets of emergency management and administration including medical operations, performance improvement, professional corporation and revenue management,budgeting, ED marketing, employee relations and "people management" skills, medical informatics, emergency preparedness and planning, scheduling, building professional relationships, customer satisfaction strategies, and patient safety initiatives.

The fellow would be required to utilize their new knowledge and skill set by structuring a faculty supervised research initiative, such as a Six Sigma project, that would positively impact our department.  It is our anticipation that upon complete of the SIUH Fellowship in Emergency Medicine Management and Administration, a physician would be suitable for hire at the level of an Assistant Director of an Emergency Department.

We accept one fellow per year and will be recruiting for July 2017.

For more information, please e-mail the Fellowship Director James Kenny, MD, or call 718-226-2743.

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Administration Fellows

Jerel Chacko (2018)

Joseph Basile, MD (2016)

Cynthia L. Benson, DO (2014)